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Hereby I wish to introduce to you the Art Clay Silver. This fascinating clay gives you the opportunity to an amazing artistical freedom. In a few steps you can create you own jewellery. Art Clay Silver and Gold clay, created by Aida Corporation, and Precious Metal Clay (PMC) are the two metalclays on the market. You can shape it, mold it, press it, roll it, sculpt it, just as you would with any other clay. You can use slip, or paste to glue pieces together. You might want to add a patina to your piece. This enhancing details like engravings, textures or 3D modelled pieces . You can give these pieces an antique or worn look, by blackening or darkening the crevices. It really changes the way a piece of Art Clay jewellery looks better pantinated. The most effective oxidiser is Liver of Sulphur.

Art clay Silver consists of extremely small particles of fine metal (silver of gold) mixed up with a non-toxic organic binder and water. The binder and the water burn out during firing, leaving you with a pure metal piece of 99,9 % silver.

After firing your piece will be polished.



To run workshops in Art Clay Silver , the instructor needs to be in the possession of the Art Clay certificate level 1 or/and level 2. In January 2005 I obtained my Art Clay certificate level 1 and in November 2005 I obtained the certificate level 2.
Sale products
You can also buy or order the Art Clay Silver products as the tools in the workshop or online: http://www.mijnwebwinkel.nl/winkel/tkleinidee/.

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